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(Phone is not included) Calculator will be customized for iPhone 8. Bluetooth Device is included

Connect to the Internet and read Search Engine Results for any query you like


Chat with an iOS or Android Device anywhere in the world


Chat with another Spy Calculator

 Chat with a PC or Mac anywhere in the world

 Chat away and text. Receive any messages.

Store any files

Although technology has changed over time, communicating with friends during class remains a top priority for students in every classroom! Best friends have been passing notes behind their teachers back for longer than we can remember! Now, with cellphones, texting is a daily and even necessary habit, bringing us closer than ever to the people we love talking to most. Many teachers and schools have been reacting with strict no-phone classroom policies but these rules aren’t foolproof. Here are 10 Ways you can sneak your phone into class. The everyday items used in your classes can quickly be turned into secret hiding spots! Keep your phone hidden in a calculator case for easy access texting in class. Your calculator can be altered to store your phone so your teacher won’t even think to check if your material is really just your phone in disguise! Body language gives away a lot too, so if you want to know what’s trending or who just sent you a snap, make sure your eyes stay focused on the front of the class and you limit your reactions to the messages you’re secretly receiving


Feature Set

  • Web Search. Search the internet and read the search engine results page from your calculator.
  • Chat with both iOS and Android Devices:
  • Chat with other SPY Calculators.
  • Chat with a PC or Mac
  • Store any size file

Please download and read the user manual for a detailed description of how to use the calculator.

Kit will contain:

  1. Plit Calculator case
  2. Unlocked smartphone with  5mb Camera
  3. Key extraction tool. Will depend on calculator type

NOTE: Calculator and phone model might differ from shown in the video or on this page


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