We are looking for wholesalers and partners. For our partners we offer many benefits:

  • Safe and fast delivery of the product worldwide
  • Growing discounts (up to 30% off the original price)
  • 24/7 technical support

To become our Partner and learn how it works,please  read on.

How to become our Partner

To become our partner start a web shop in your native language. We will provide you with all the necessary materials to get you started. Such as high-quality pictures of our products, manuals, specifications and more. You can contact us for any additional information. We will also put up a link to your web shop in our Official Partners list on our website. That will help you achieve higher ratings with Google and will position you higher in the search results.

Learn how our products work. Go through our information we made available. It will help you sell the products better and you will be able to help your customers when they come to you with questions or ask for help. You can read more about our products at the respected product page on our website, where you will find detailed explanations of how they work and what is their purpose. You can always contact us for additional information.

Once you start locate your target audience. Contact colleagues and friends. Spread the word. It will help you bring in customers.

Become one of our Partners before somebody else does!

 Steps to take

It is really simple to become our partner. To become our Partner follow these easy steps:

• Create an account on our website

• Then, begin buying products from our shop. After you have ordered five products the Official Partner discount will become available. Each purchase afterwards will automatically receive the discount rate that belongs to your account before you make the checkout. The discount rate will rise depending on the amount of orders you have made and may reach up-to an instant 30%-off!

For additional information please contact us:

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