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Beat any online exam proctoring system with help of this simple trick

Beat any online exam proctoring system with ease. Use AI to pass your exam. Solve your problems or find answers on any question. Cheat in online proctored exam. During home online exams vast majority of students will take advantage of the resources now available to them (i.e., notes, friends, the internet) in order to succeed. This will result in a much higher average performance than an in-person exam would, putting anyone who does not cheat at a disadvantage as any grading on a curve would hurt him or her. We show some tricks which will help you succeed. You can easily cheat all online proctoring platforms: Mercer | Mettl, Examus, ProctorU, Examity, Verificient, AIProctor, ExamSoft, Proview, Conduct Exam, ProctorExam, PSI Bridge, Pearson VUE, MeritTrac, Honorlock